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LONDON FIZZ Flower Design of Britain Europe school 2001
contemporary floral design master class 2011

27  - 30 October, 2011
Hammersmith, London
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The Principal Barbara Shakespeare demonstrate in the class

Mrs. Lynda Owen giving her colour lecture at our school

Master florist Geoffrey Hughes giving advices to students (from Flower design of Britain Autumn class in London 2010)


Abstract in floristry art
For this coming season is all about abstract in flower art.  Hard textured shaped objects  in the form of containers placed geometrically apart, connected with angled flat shaped foliage. Suggested flowers and plants are strong blue or pink flower heads and light green flowers. 



LONDON FIZZ contemporary floral  design master class

Flower Design of Britain proudly announces its Autumn School Master Class in the heart of London.
This year our visiting designer is a Dutch Master Andreas Verheijen who will bring to the school his exciting theories on phalaenopsis bridal work and contemporary expression.  Master florist Barbara Shakespeare and Chihiro Hidaka will introduce new product ways of design and technic.  Geoff Hughes will explore, in only way he knows new and unusual designs. There will be a finale on the last day with both tutors and students opening a Pandora's box all different to design from.

School venue of LONDON FIZZ, contemporary floral design master class School venue of LONDON FIZZ, contemporary floral design master class

Schedule and content

Date of the course: 27 - 30 October, 2011

Day 1 
Welcome by GEOFFREY HUGHES and  BARBARA SHAKESPEARE followed by outline of course.
Geoff will commence with lesson plan. The theme is Creative ways to incorporate different product materials into Design innovatively.  Students then do their own interpretation with tutor's guidance .
9.30am - 4.30pm

Day 2
Working with new products on the market in commercial use, the tutors will show the most cost effective balance between sundries, flower and foliage.  From the recent economical situation, masses of flowers are now rather outdated.  Consumers are much happier to pay less for a greater impact.   A stem of rose can be a beautiful creation even with couple colour sticks.  Learn the tips and give a twist on your own. We assure you can add more value with knowledge. 
9.00am  -  4.30pm

Day 3
Wedding Bouquet using Phalaenopsis and foliages only.
Contemporary arrangements.. Students then work with him on their own designs.
9.00am  -  4.30pm

Day 4
Will open a Pandora's Box each doing a design.  Pandora box is an assort of  'Surprise item' which cannot be seen till the moment we open it. This is an exciting session of how spontaneous we can be
with those provided materials and also a challenging work for students. 
Presentation of Certificate.
9.00am - 3.00pm

*40 minutes of lunch time each day.

Designer of the year

Andreas Verheijen
Certified Master Florist. Born and raised in Zundert, the Dutch epicentre for Dahlia-culture and famous for its flower parade, a career in botany was inevitable. After having lived in Great Britain for 16 years where he worked as floral sales executive for Harrods’ floral department in London, as well as having had his own flower shop, he returned to The Netherlands. Nowadays he works as a freelance floral designer for e.g. the Dutch Flower Council, but still also works regularly in Great Britain on various events and exhibitions

Demonstrations and workshops are given either through assignments by the Dutch Flower Council, or on invitation by a floral society. The content is always to inform the customer about new techniques and trends, but also to promote specific sorts of flowers or new varieties. Demonstrations and workshops in Barbados, Canada, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, South-Africa, Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Uruguay and the USA.

Course fee

£680 including flowers and materials

Entry to the course

This course caters for students who would like to challenge something new  in the industry and are aiming to obtain further knowledge of the latest floristry techniques. It doesn't matter if you are a professional or  not, but requires some knowledge of floristry. We welcome everybody who has great  passions for flowers!
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A student working on her master piece - Flower Design of Britain Autumn class in London  Big smile of a Japanese student - Flower Design of Britain Autumn class in London Commercial design - Flower Design of Britain Autumn class in London

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